January 11, 2013

A stands for alphabet date

So we started our alphabet date off with a bang. Dave and busters arcade was our first stop.

January 10, 2013

Date night challenge 2013

I firmly believe that to keep your marriage running and functioning smoothly that every couple should make sure to do date night at least once every two months or so. We have been lacking in that department since our little was born over three months ago. We both decided that it was time to get back on track and since its a new year, what better way to do so than a date night challenge. 

I did some research and made a suggestion to Mr.Big that we try Alphabet Dating. He eagerly agreed and we are on the hunt to plan our dates.

I will try my best to post pictures and updates. 

Here is a description of alphabet dating.

"Alphabet Dating is the process whereby each partner selects one letter of the alphabet and designs one date around that letter. The date can be themed around the letter or can simply contain components of that letter (i.e., “B” date we go to the Bistro). The difficult part is to figure out who goes first!
And yes. . .you go all the way to Z.
Alphabet dating can look unique for every couple who embarks upon it.  For us, we plan each date in complete secrecy from the other person and go all out!  It is usually all day, or an extended period of the day, and usually involves various components.  Although some of our dates have been inexpensive, we have a tendency to go all out and spoil each other.  Some of our dates have been united by a theme (beginning with the letter of course) and some just have a variety of components that involve the letter.  However, since our dates tend to be intensive and sometimes expensive we don’t do them as often as other couples might.  In the last 18 months we have only gone from A-F, due to the business of our schedules and/or finances.
Finally, however, alphabet dating is just supposed to be fun.  It in no way summarizes the only way we go on ‘dates’ or express our love but we find it amazing to spoil each other this way."