November 29, 2007


So we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We were invited up by Tobys Dad and Step Mom to come up to the cabin by Guerneville, which is located about an hour away from bodega bay. So we headed up there wednesday night and spent all day thursday just vegging out. Connie and Dwayne are such awesome people to hang out. They made us feel really welcome. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner that they put together and got to just hang out for the rest of the evening. That was great not having to cook this year, although i was informed that next year i am no longer a guest and will be put to work! HAHA Im looking forward to that!

Friday morning we packed up all of our things and headed down I-5 to Fellows to spend the rest of the weekend with my Uncle Leon and Aunt Stacy. That was a blast! They had not gotten to meet lil gavin yet so it was such an awesome thing for them to see him. They were blown away with him. Uncle Leon and Gavin kicked it most of the time watching football. What a great thing!

I hope everyones holiday was a blessed one. We are looking forward to Christmas!

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